Top 5 Tours And Trekking In Bali

Currently Trekking in Bali becomes as new tourist attraction done by thousand of Bali Visitors. Bali has a lot of trekking destination for those who love to challenge Bali nature. Volcano, rice field, virgin and lush jungle are the most popular trekking destination in Bali. Trek Mount Batur for the most stunning sunrise in Bali.

Trek and walk along Batur Caldera edge to see real rural of Bali. Trek Mount Agung for the most challenging trekking destination in Bali, explore Ubud for the most scenic rice field on Ubud Eco Trekking, and explore the virgin jungle and scenic waterfall at Munduk.

This for Top 5 Tours And Trekking In Bali

Mount Batur Trekking

Mount Batur trekking is the most popular volcano trekking in Bali. It is the most recommended volcano trekking in Bali as seen on Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet and others guide Books.

Mount Batur is 1717 meters high above sea level. It is semi active volcano located in Kintamani. The trek to Mount Batur is the most recommended trekking destination in Bali. Trek Mount Batur for the most stunning sunrise in Bali overlooking Mount Rinjani. Mount Batur is one of the Global Geopark Network in South East Asia located in Bali. It has been trekked by thousand trekking lovers. July and August are considered the peak season for trekking in Mount Batur.

Mount Batur Trekking is usually started at 2 am to catch the most stunning sunrise in Bali at 6 am.

Caldera Batur

Unlike Mount Batur, Caldera Batur has unique trekking experience to offer. It is not only witnessing stunning sunrise overlooking Mount Rinjani but also exploring the rural and real countryside of Bali.

Caldera Batur Trekking will lead you to the one of the Bali Aga village called Trunyan Village (native and traditional Village and Bali which is still preserving their traditional way of life). Enjoy the scenic view of Mount Batur, Lake Batur, and Mount Agung.

Mount Agung

Mount Agung is considered as the holiest mountain in Bali where you can visit the most and biggest temple in Bali called Pura Besakih located on the slope of Mount Agung.

Beside of Pura Besakih that visited by thousand of Bali visitors, Mount Agung is also popular for its trekking activity. Mount Agung offers the most challenging trekking destination in Bali. It has 3142 meters high above sea level semi active volcano, known as the highest volcano in Bali.

Ubud Eco

Ubud Eco Trekking is great way to explore the real Bali. It is fun and relaxing walk trough River (Oss River and Tjampuhan River, a ridge called Tjampuhan Ridge, hidden and scenic rice field that always missed by Ubud visitors.

The trek to Ubud countryside is less known by those who visit Ubud. They tend to visit Ubud Palace, Ubud Market, and Ubud Monkey Forest. If you ever visited Bali make sure that you do not miss this activity.

Munduk Jungle

Twin lakes called Lake Tamblingan and Lake Buyan, Munduk Waterfall, plantation (clove platation), ocean view and breathtaking sunset can be explored if you are staying at Munduk area. Munduk offers a trek to explore all those mentioned places.

Trekking in Munduk becomes popular tourist activity for those who staying in the northern part of Bali.